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Here's why others

- just like you -

are signing up for the salon

"I am fascinated by all things classical dressage, and love to learn as much as I can from different experts." - ET

"I'm here to learn from a master!" - HW

"Enhance my understanding of classical riding." - SG

"I would like access to educational material from a great teacher." - RSH

Why a Salon?

The Salon is a thoughtful response to requests from those interested in learning more about Charles and continuing their education in the art
and history of horsemanship. 

"I want to continue my education in classical riding, in horsemanship, and in history." - KE

"I regard classical dressage as a philosophy, more than a sport. To listen to experts in the field discuss problems and challenges, to hear stories of the masters, would be a delight. I am also interested, to put it mildly, in classical music, particularly of the baroque period, as well as art history. The baroque horse is indeed, living art." -AM

"Because there’s SO much to learn. And I’ve enjoyed your visits to southern Arizona." -UC

What to Expect

New content will be published on this website 3 weeks out of every month.​
We will alert you via email and on social media when new content is available for you to log in and enjoy. Only paid members will be able to view the page.
You are welcome to suggest topics that you would like for Charles to address.

"I want to learn more and to be able to converse with other dressage riders who are at my level." -JH

"I like to think I ride classically and there is always more to learn!" - SJ

"Have followed his career for many years. Enjoy his viewpoint." - CS

"I am always interested in learning and discussing training and riding topics." - LU

"Nostalgia, I suppose. Mr. de Kunffy was my psychology teacher at Ygnacio Valley High School." - NOS

"I love horses, and the systematic pathway dressage offers to help a partnership flourish and bloom to honor the horse in being the best version of itself." - PD

I am an Alexander Technique teacher and I want to learn as much as possible to not only help my pupils become more aware of good body use but also to improve my own interaction with my horse both in hand and ridden. - SR

Why Is it a Paid Program?

The Salon is provided for less than the cost of a single clinic and designed to be current, accessible, and personalized for Charles's esteemed students.
We strive to bring you valuable content
and your contribution helps
make that possible.

I think Charles deKunffy is the greatest! - JL

I have been a student of Charles and passionate about learning and sharing true knowledge in all spheres - CL

I am fascinated by using classically developed and proven methods to improve horses' athleticism and willing partnership with their rider - BS

Dressage rider looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge base - SS

Why do I have to sign up by September 2oth?

As part of our beta launch for this program,
we are limiting the number of guests we allow to join at the Introductory Pricing. 
With your special access, we are hopeful that you will offer feedback on the program. We are committed to making sure The Salon works for you and that you find it helpful!
Please let us know what you think about the experience.

To become a guest of the Salon,
  1. Click Join the Salon
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  3. return to this section to remit payment for full access
Should you need any assistance,
please contact Catherine

directly at

or text at 404.457.4629

Thank you for your patience! We are so grateful for your interest in this exciting venture.

To learn more about training in accordance with classical principles and hopefully pick up tips to help with specific training challenges my horse and I face. - J

I retrain ex-racehorses through the ROR organization. My initial training was with a dressage judge and breeder of British Warmbloods. I was introduced to classical dressage with her and attended clinics with the TTT group. This training has given me an excellent foundation. I wish to refresh and improve my skills so I may produce horses that will have a good opportunity to excel competing in dressage and showing in their new homes. - KM

I've spent my entire life working with and around horses, primarily eventing, and have a horse that is showing me a talent and trainability for dressage I've never experienced before, and looking to learn more - RA