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Charles de Kunffy

Charles de Kunffy, a member of the Austro-Hungarian nobility, was born and raised in Hungary.

His parents were eminent horse breeders with derby winning racehorses. Charles started riding as a child, always under expert supervision and instruction. His riding masters were educated during the golden age of equitation between 1900-1945.

His teachers were the products of the finest riding institutions of the “inter bellum.”

These included Vienna and Wienerneustadt in Austria, Hannover and Berlin in Germany, Pinerolo and Tordiquinto in Italy, and Hungary’s Orkeny. Pal Kemery, Jeno Kosa-Reznek, Imre Bodo and Geza Hazslinsky-Krull attended these institutions, competed with great successes and mentored Charles for years in an institutional setting.

Charles de Kunffy teachers
Cross-country riding, jumping, and dressage were melded into one comprehensive system of training, adhering to the classical tradition of riding theory and methodology.
Charles de Kunffy

Diversification of activities, riding skills and the ability to improve any horse were emphasized in the academic training program. Charles de Kunffy was schooled with the strictest adherence to classical training traditions based on scholarship and a profound respect for the horse. He represents the unbroken heritage of classical horsemanship handed down from generation to generation without compromise.

Charles de Kunffy’s expertise and his ability to inspire and instruct his students, earned him great popularity and respect.
Charles de Kunffy
Charles de Kunffy

Welcomed in Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia, Charles de Kunffy was always honored by invitations to return. He has conducted many courses, seminars, and forums for instructors and judges. His work is appreciated for its scholastic depth, academic expertise, and the clarity and vigor of its delivery.

Charles de Kunffy is the author of six published books. His books are frequently quoted by other writers, referred to by colleagues, are used as college textbooks and in educational pamphlets. His equestrian articles are well known on many continents and were published by some of the finest equestrian magazines.

Popular for his lecture/demonstration appearances, his radio and television interviews, and Charles de Kunffy has influenced a great many riders. He has contributed substantially to the popularity of classical horsemanship. His students remain grateful for the understanding of riding principles, for the acquired riding skills and for the improvement of their and their horses’ lives.

Charles de Kunffy
Regardless of a student’s talent or accomplishments, Charles never refused help to any rider willing to learn.

He believes that the honor of teaching the traditions of the great equestrian arts commands an instructor to perform with equal dedication and thoroughness whether teaching a beginner or coaching an Olympic gold medalist.

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