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The Salon is a thoughtful response to those interested in learning more about Charles and continuing their education in the art and history of horsemanship. 

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Charles de Kunffy The art of Traditional Dressage
An educational DVD that is expertly articulated by Charles de Kunffy, world-renowned clinician, 14 years as an FEI Judge, and author of six books on Classical Dressage.


The centerpiece of this DVD is a unique and thorough description of how to obtain the correct rider's position on horseback and how to maintain it in motion by integrating the rider's structure with the horse's motion. Invaluable information that is simply not taught anymore. This is becoming a lost art, but it is explained here and demonstrated by the author. This video provides the means to achieving excellence in Classical Dressage: Experience the passion of correct equitation Discover how to obtain the perfect seat and why you must have it Explore Classical Dressage and perceive its benefits Acquire the precise leg position and the proper use of the leg Learn principals that are effective on any horse Learn how to create beautiful form through proper posture, position and aids.

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