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The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Expanded Edition calls the reader to a re-dedication to the art of riding and the traditions of classical horsemanship.


Charles de Kunffy challenges the reader to ask questions such as "Should competition challenge or reinforce classical horsemanship?" Furthermore, "What characteristics should be cultivated to transform the rider into a complete horse person? What are the individual's responsibilities to the preservation of classical horsemanship and academic equitation?"


De Kunffy explains the true meanings of: non-confrontational riding and training, "on the bit," engagement, the development of the correct seat, and the use of hands and reins.


He offers valuable advice on seeking instruction in classical dressage training. In the chapter entitled "Succinct Principles," de Kunffy doubles his single sentences kernels of wisdom from the first edition.


This monumental contribution to equestrian literature is embellished with even more carefully-selected images of equestrian statues than the original edition. The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Expanded Edition also includes additional chapters, recommended for the serious equestrian wanting to be simultaneously challenged and inspired.


This book is sure to reaffirm the rider's dedication to an ethical approach to classical dressage. "If you want to express the utter joy, the drive, the energy that takes you forward on your journey with horses, it is here in this book." -Sylvia Loch

Ethics and Passions of Dressage

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