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Charles and Jan Maiburg have a conversation after Jan's speaking engagement at the Cavalry School in Hannover, Germany.


Translation of Mr. Maiburg's book description: 

"In this book, Dutch equestrian expert Jan S. Maiburg gives the reader an intriguing look behind the scenes of the mysterious world of "high politics" and


The Salon: April 2020 

equestrian sport. International intrigue and love for the noble four-legged friends seem to go hand in hand over time. Even the run-up to this story reads like an adventure novel. A horse riding instructor dies in 1996. Maiburg was a student of this Inge Schram-van Kalmthout and was named executor-testamentary. Between dozens of antique horse books stood an old brown discolored army book of the Hungarian Landwehr, dated 1914. 

In this legacy of vitéz hazslini Hazslinszky-Krull Géza, once the instructor of Inge Schram, he found ten ballpoint numbers, eight one and two twins written by accident. These numbers were mentioned with the names of hussar regiments from a bygone era. Maiburg combines and analyzes the found code and comes to astonishing conclusions. He explains the close connections between two mysterious colonels, the Hungarian Hazslinszky and the Russian Alexis Pantchoulidzew. The latter is said to be Bernhard's "foster father" and his mother's companion. Hazslinszky lived, worked and lived under Royal protection as a kind of "stepson" of Queen Juliana in the Netherlands for twenty-two years. The Greet Hofmans affair and the Lockheed affair appear to be closely intertwined with the horse love of Prince Bernhard and the Zur Lippe-Biesterfeld family. The mysterious arrival of the Hungarian Hazslinszky turned out to be very well prepared by powerful people who were able to control the power relations in a stone-cold war by means of 'silent' world politics ... At the end, you will know how the horses have actually walked in the past and how influential the equestrian network has 


Conversation with Jan Maiburg

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