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Charles de Kunffy

A trip to the salon

In the 17 and 18th centuries, a culture of salons flourished in Europe. Salons were social gatherings in which individuals engaged in the art of conversation in pursuit of knowledge and fellowship. Salons typically had a dedicated core membership but were always open to new participants and contributors.

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Enjoy videos, writings, and recordings from Charles. Get excited to learn insights into the life and history of Charles de Kunffy as well as his exceptional education in classical horsemanship. Enjoy interviews with other experts like Andreas Hausberger, JJ Tate, Kip Mistral, Lucinda Green, Jan Maiburg, Patrick King, Carel Eikenjaar and more! 

Salon Lecture Series

In April 2020, we began an elaboration on Charles's beloved book, Dressage Principles Illuminated.

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