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Classical Equitation

embodied principles tested and verified through the centuries

Charles de Kunffy can best be described as

“a gentleman and a scholar,” and most importantly, an indomitable ambassador for the horse.


Raised in the classical tradition, Charles is a firm believer in schooling the horse in a comprehensive system of training, including cross-country, jumping, and dressage. Charles has also written six books on the classical dressage tradition and is working on two more. His experience as a dressage judge, trainer, and author make him one of the most sought-after dressage masters and clinicians today.

NEW Expanded Edition of Dressage Principles Illuminated

Charles de Kunffy is an advocate of the classical equestrian tradition.  These riding and training principles have been developed, tested, and verified over the centuries.

Dressage Principles Illuminated is based on the author’s lifetime of experience learning and practicing these classical horsemanship principles.  Anyone respecting this riding tradition, regardless of their level of riding skills, will benefit from this sensitive, artistic and intelligent riding approach.

The Expanded edition includes expanded text and additional illustrative photographic material.


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Charles de Kunffy and JJ Tate

Charles de Kunffy’s expertise and his ability to inspire and instruct his students earns him great popularity and respect.


His work is appreciated for its scholastic depth, academic expertise, and the clarity and vigor of its delivery. Charles de Kunffy is the author of six published books.


Very clear instruction

"Great background details describing why and wherefore. Describes position for hands, legs, posture. Describes why those positions make for effective riding and use of aids. Clearly Classical with and pro horse. No pulling, rolkur, over spurring etc! Wonderful video for all levels of riders."


- Amazon Review for The Art of Traditional Dressage -

Volume 1 - Seat and Aids

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