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Humor Down The Centerline

I was very lucky to have ridden in four of Mr. de Kunffy’s Atlanta clinics. One time, I did not hear him correctly and instead of turning down centerline, I kept going along the short side. He remarked that ” If I was riding at the Spanish Riding School, the angels would have crashed through the ceiling.”

Another clinic I was at, I was riding my 3/4 Andalusian, 1/4 Lippizaner gelding. During the first lesson, my horse and I were a little nervous and my horse was bringing up his knees too high at the trot. The third and last lesson, my horse was more relaxed and using his back. Mr. de Kunffy remarked, “ My horse no longer looked like a kitchen gadget chopping up celery.” I laughed out loud when I heard that one.

Mr. de Kunffy was a joy to be around. He made me feel comfortable and I learned so very much!

Thank you!

--Karen Knarr

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